Hi-Tech Training Academy’s training program is based on QCTO’s Registered Curriculum (671204)requirements. We have obtained or

developed training material consistent with nationally established training standards. Our learning material consisting of student (learner) guides, facilitators guides,assessment modules, as per the

standard curriculum outlines. Our approach to systematically train new entrance to the industry and up-skilling the current workforce to ensure clear career paths for any individual desirous of progressing in this rewarding occupation. Our training modules are designed for the full range of elevator personnel, from the general worker, maintenance technicians, installers, escalator technicians up to lift inspector level. We aim to take individual requirements into account while delivering training, including training material suitability, training time table, individual Development Plans and Financial/Admin related procedures.

Suitable future training will cater to elevator company owners and other stakeholders (equipment owners). Our trainees are guaranteed that they will attain the required knowledge, skills and practical work experience. This will ensure that any prospective employers

are obtaining employees that could deliver from their first day on the job. The new trainees will have the right attitude, been thru the safety training and will have experience regarding the industry

requirements. We will assist to place suitable trainees within the

industry where they could look forward to a prosperous career that can provide a lifelong opportunity etc. We will require the local South African elevator market to support our efforts, as the industry as a whole can and will benefit as we should not depend on the 4 x multinational training providers to deliver the requirements for the entire industry.