Training Program

Hi-Tech Training Academy’s training program is based on QCTO’s Registered Curriculum requirements. We have obtained or developed training material consistent with nationally established training standards. Our learning material consisting of student (learner) guides, facilitators guides, assessment modules, as per the standard curriculum outlines. 

Flexible time table

Our training can be delivered during normal hours, with selected training modules also being delivered after hours. To empower individuals and companies that cannot leave their work sites during normal hours, we do training on weekends. We'll cater for every situation. 


Hi-Tech Training Academy training modules will be presented by Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the elevator industry in conjunction with experienced and accredited Assessors and Moderators, to ensure delegates are aware of their responsibilities, risks and hazards involved in our environment.

Our facilitators, assessors and moderators will comprise of permanent staff, fixed term employees, contracted employees and sub-contracted specialist when required. 


Any student enrolling for training at Hi-Tech Training Academy will be fully responsible for any cost for the training to be delivered.

If the student is sponsored via an employer agreement or any apprenticeship program, the student will still be held liable for any outstanding payments if any of the employer or the industry sponsored entity default on payment.

As this is a private organization, operating unfunded, we are unable to assist any students that are unable to secure their own sponsorship.