Value added Services

Hi-Tech Training Academy (HTTA) is able to offer the independent service providers or other interested parties from the elevator industry the following additional value added services

Hi-Tech Training Academy (HTTA) can provide assessment and moderation services to other elevator training providers, and assistance with preparation for re-accreditation. Custom design training simulators based on the elevator companies requirements such as door drive training simulators specifically based on the equipment that this company installs or supplies.


1. Assistance with your Quality Management System (QMS)

2. Assistance with your Occupational Health and Safety Act Compliance (OHSA)

3. Safety Consulting Services to work sites including admin and related areas.

4. Assistance for elevator companies which Site Safety Consultants are not informed regarding elevator safety, or when they need to verify if they are acting illegal or unreasonable.

5. Assistance with Site Safety File (Contractor Site File) 

1. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for work sites including admin and related areas. 

2. Contract Pricing Guides

3. Spreadsheet to instantly obtain pricing for maintenance prices or upgrade/ new elevator costing to help compile your quote to client. 

4. Referral or Assistance with replacement parts, importation of elevator equipment at a minimal fee.

5. The above services will be Custom Designed to suit each individual service provider (subby's, service providers, erectors, etc)

1.HTTA will also be providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the elevator industry at reasonable rates and at short notices.

2.Custom designed and build simulators for OEM’s equipment can be delivered to your premises and the independents can also benefit from this service as we can provide the same for their Asian products with a South African flair.